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"Our bodies are the creative life force of our embodied consciousness. Vibrational transmitters through which we connect to all there is. I am eternally honoured to hold space for self-transformations clients create on their courageous journey's of raw and honest vulnerability.

When we simply let go and allow what is, accept what needs to flow, then we embody our true authenticity.”

Energy Channel

I specialise in acknowledging negatively impacting emotions and limiting beliefs, so you can confidently embody your true self. I help to move beyond the stories that are blocking potential and rescript these into heroric triumphs. I teach ways to leap forward into your self actualisation, to be your authentic self, speak your truth and embody a life you love.

I am living embodiment of moving beyond what has happened to you into thriving in conscious response! I have been there and want to help others to live their bliss. I developed my model on a lifetime of learning, application and deep dives into my own personal trauma. You can do this!

I look forward to collaborating with you and inspiring consciously connected emotional freedom in your life.

Therapies; Emotional Freedom Technique (Cert), Sound Healing (Dip), Holistic Massage (Cert), Compassionate Communication (Cert) Virtues Project Facilitator (Cert). 25+ years of experience.

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Sound Journey Events

Indian drum in sound therapy

Sound Journey’s are deep relating meditations, immersed in sounds and frequencies specific to healing. My uniquely creative journeys begin with accupressure activation to connect you with your true self. Each journey is intuitively designedf for the needs and energies in the room.

Immersing yourself in sound has numerous benefits to your holistic wellbeing, relieves the pressures and stresses of your week and resets your energy sytem, mental clarity and emotional state into balance and harmony.

Fortnightly- Thursday 7 pm & Sundays 5 pm


21 Moir Point Road


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Emotional Freedom

Sessions for people seeking to move beyond their experience, struggles and emotional bondage. Those yearning for something more in life, stronger boundaries, sustained joy and gratitude.

I guide you through a process called EFT & Virtues companioining to navigate your deepest triggers in life to find the emotional blocks in physical, emotional or ancestral form. Together we rewire your thoughts and heart into coherence. By identifying what is holding you back you can set your soul free and life will work with you. This is a three part technique to get to the core of issues you are reflecting.

ACKNOWLEDGE emotional energy -through EFT & Belief Clearing

ACCEPT in-form emotional entanglement -with Virtues

ACTIVATE positive energy -through Sound Therapy


Intuitive Healing

Rituals for Self-Healing

Sessions for people commited person who is ready for genuine transformation, living the absolute best life and seeking a higher level of consciousness.

I offer guidance through a series of techniques, process and practice for you to be your own empowered healer. Through intuitive process and a little knowledge we can all tune into our deeper wisdom and craft the lives we dream of. A series of 12-21 Day mentorship programmes. First we identify key areas of concern (Imbalance) then we create a vision or goals (Intention). A contract is made through committment to daily practice (Flow).

Declare your authentic self and purpose

Maintain high vibration, clear chakras and expand loving energy

Transform all relationships & dedicate a Self Love practice

Masseuse Perform Traditional Tibetan Sound Therapy

BioEnergetics Sound Therapy

Sessions for people recognising the need for regular self care treatments to achieve optimal wellbeing in mind, body and spirit. Bioenergetics combined with Sound therapy is a science based modality, well researched and growing in recognition across the medical worlds. Quantum physics is the understanding that all is energy, we are energy and our frequency determines our overall wellbeing, health and emotional, mental and physical wellness. Using vibration, energy channelling and sound I support your body and energetic field to come into alignment with a higher, balanced and wholesome frequency.

Positive reatment for conditions such as:

  • Emotional unease such as; Depression, anxiety, grief, anger, stress
  • PTSD
  • People with learning or behavioural difficulties
  • Sleep disorders
  • Aches and pains

My Ethos -Sacred Wisdom

I believe in the sacred. I believe, we, are all sacred. You and I are deserving of spiritual adoration and devotion. When we embrace our authenticity, everything else comes into alignment.

Wisdom is the capacity to use all of our experience, knowledge, insights, and senses to improve our lives. I believe that we all have intrinsic wisdom; we only need pay attention to the subtle languages of our bodies, emotions, and consciousness.

I show you how to incorporate sacred wisdom into your daily life. This will bring about peace and openness. I show you how to centre and ground yourself. This will foster courage and compassion. I offer services for clearing and activating your bioenergetic centres. This will improve the overall health and vibrancy of your entire system.

We live in transformative times. We must all rise to the potential that we have been given. You are destined to be here to plant the seeds of a new world, a world of sacredness and wisdom. It all starts with you reclaiming your wellbeing, completeness, and oneness.

Novice Monk teaching.

A Call for a Renaissance of the Spirit in the Humanities

The Galilileo Commission Report is an discerning read highly acknowledged in these times where science has become a religion in itself.

The Tapping Solution.

A well resourced and informative sites to learn about the Emotionl freedom Technique.

The Virtues Project

Linda Kavelin-Popov, Dan Popav & John Kavelin have accumulated a lifetime of research and expertise. Virtues language and companionship is a cornerstone of my practice.

HeartMath Institute

Their mission; To co-create a kinder, more compassionate world by conducting interconnectivity research and providing heart-based, science-proven tools for raising humanity’s baseline consciousness from separation and discord to compassionate care and cooperation.

Work with me a while...

I am a consciously connected energy channel who inspires emotional freedom.

Contact me to ignite your journey towards emotional freedom and conscious connection.

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Leyah Sacred Wisdom

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Online appointments are via Zoom. We are not limited by space and time in Energy Connections. This actually creates more time.

If the booking slots listed are not suitable, please contact me to arrange a time that does. I offer a complimentary 15 minute pre-session chat for new clients.

A typical 1st session takes 1.1/2 hr to establish our working relationship. In my experience, those creating significant transformation require continued sessions. Once we start to peel the layers, deeper work is revealed. I deeply believe in self healing and offer tools and techniques to the commited for their spiritual growth and continued path of learning

I offer packages for 4 follow up sessions at a discounted price.

Client Reviews


I was blessed to have a sound healing session with Leyah. Her energy is so pure and kind and gentle she makes you feel wrapped up in mothers love. I often struggle to relax during massages or healing treatments. With Leyah I was taken on a journey to places unknown. I felt both revitalised and completely relaxed and at peace after. Leyah competently and confidently moved around the table and I felt safe and cared for. Cared about. I highly recommend your investment in her gifts. She is a blessing from the heavens above


Truly blessed to have had a few healing sessions with Leyah Routen and been able to stay with her retreat style at her property in Kaiwaka. I always feel refreshed inspired energised and clearer after being there. And loved..most of all heard and cared about and ready to go face the world again thank for always being amazing and yourself !!!


I was in a real low place in my life, didn't know if I really had it in me to carry on. I was in pain, old and just ready to leave this world. I received such love, compassion and guidance from Leyah that I was able to open up my love of life again. She guided me back to believing I had a purpose yet to fulfill.